2013-14 Flu Clinics
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Find a flu clinic near you

Flu shots are safe, effective, and free for those at risk and their household contacts.  Remember to bring your care card with you! 

Below is a listing of the flu clinics by region and alphabetically by city.  Click on the + icon next to the region to expand the list of locations within that area. 

Last updated: September 30, 2013.


 Flu Clinics

expand Region : East Kootenays ‎(22)
Canal FlatsCanal Flats Civic Centre8911 Dunn Street250-349-526011/1/201311am - 12:30pmDrop in.
CranbrookTamarack Mall180 - 1500 Cranbrook St250-426-223111/8/20139am - 4:30pmDrop in.
CranbrookCranbrook Health Unit20 - 23rd Avenue South250-420-220711/15/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
CrestonHoly Cross Catholic Church Hall120 - 16th Ave N11/6/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
CrestonPublic Health Unit312 - 15th Ave N250-428-387311/12/20138:30am - 4:30pmBy appt only.
CrestonPublic Health Unit312 - 15th Ave N250-428-387311/26/20138:30am - 4:30pmBy appt only.
ElkfordElkford Community Centre750 Fording Dr250-865-401011/5/20139:30am - 4:30pmDrop in.
GoldenMount 7 Rec Plex1310 - 9th St250-344-701111/6/201310am - 5pmDrop in.
InvermereInvermere Community Hall709 - 10th St250-342-217711/13/201310am - 3pmDrop in.
KimberleyCentennial Centre100 - 4th Ave250-427-470811/5/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
RiondelRiondel Community Centre1511 Eastman Ave11/13/20131pm - 2:30pmDrop in.
expand Region : Kootenay Boundary ‎(39)
BalfourBalfour Covenant Church7741 Upper Balfour Rd250-239-230111/19/201310am - 1pmDrop in.
CastlegarCastlegar & District Community Complex2101 - 6th Ave250-365-338611/6/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
CastlegarCastlegar Health Centre709 - 10th St250-365-771111/20/201312pm - 7pmDrop in.
CastlegarCastlegar Health Centre709 - 10th St250-365-771112/18/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
Edgewood Edgewood Health Centre322 Monashee Ave250-269-731311/13/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
FruitvaleFruitvale Village Office1947 Beaver St250-367-755111/12/201311am - 4pmClinic located in basement. Drop in.
Grand ForksGrand Fork Senior Secondary1331 Central Ave250-442-828511/6/20134pm - 7pmDrop in.
KasloKaslo Primary Health Centre673 A Ave250-353-275111/7/20139:30am - 4pmDrop in.
Meadow CreekLardeau Valley Community ClubHwy 31250-366-423611/12/201312:30pm - 2pmDrop in.
Nakusp Nakusp Seniors Centre210 - 8th Ave NW250-265-464611/6/20139am - 3:30pmDrop in.
Nakusp Nakusp Health Unit611 Broadway St250-265-360811/15/20139am - 4pmBy appt only.
NelsonNelson Health Unit333 Victoria St250-505-720011/13/20139am - 3:30pmDrop in.
NelsonNelson Health Unit333 Victoria St250-505-720011/22/20139am - 3:30pmPneumo/Flu clinic by appt.
NelsonNelson Health Unit333 Victoria St.250-505-720012/6/20139am - 3:30pmPneumo/flu clinic by appt.
New DenverSolcan Community Health Centre401 Galena Ave250-358-791111/8/20139am - 3:30pmDrop in.
Rossland Rossland Miners Hall1765 Columbia Ave250-362-528811/8/201310am - 4pmDrop in.
SlocanSlocan Park Hall3036 Highway 6250-229-008811/15/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
TrailMemorial Centre1051 Victoria St250-368-648411/4/20139am - 4pmClinic located in gym.  Drop in.
TrailKiro Wellness Centre1500 Columbia Ave250-364-621911/27/20139am - 12pmPneumo/Flu clinic
TrailKiro Wellness Centre1500 Columbia Ave250-364-621912/16/20131pm - 4pmDrop in.
expand Region : Okanagan ‎(45)
ArmstrongPleasant  Valley Health Centre3800 Patten Dri250-546-472011/20/20134pm - 8pmDrop in.
CherryvilleCherryville Hall158 North Fork Rd250-549-572111/28/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
FalklandFalkland Seniors Hall5706 Highway 97250-549-572111/27/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
KelownaKelowna Health Centre1340 Ellis St250-868-7700Offered Dec. 6, 2013 - Mar. 21, 2014 - call for appt.
KelownaTrinity Baptist Church1905 Springfield Rd250-868-770011/1/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
KelownaTrinity Baptist Church1905 Springfield Rd250-868-770011/5/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
KelownaFirst Baptist Church1309 Bernard Ave250-868-770011/22/20139am - 3pmDrop in.
KeremeosKeremeos Seniors Centre421 - 7th Ave250-499-302911/26/20131pm - 5pmDrop in.
NaramataNaramata Community Church3740 - 3rd St250-770-343412/2/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
OliverOliver Senior Centre5876 Airport St250-498-508011/14/201312pm - 4pmDrop in.
OsoyoosOsoyoos Seniors Centre17 Park Place250-495-643311/7/201312pm - 4pmDrop in.
PeachlandPeachland 50 + Activity Centre5672 Beach Ave250-868-770011/1/20139am - 11:30amDrop in.
PentictonPenticton Seniors Drop-In Centre2965 South Main St250-770-343411/18/201310am - 4pmDrop in.
PentictonPenticton Health Centre740 Carmi Ave250-770-343412/5/20133pm - 6pmDrop in.
PentictonPenticton Health Centre740 Carmi Ave250-770-343412/19/20133pm - 6pmDrop in.
PrincetonPrinceton General Hospital98 Ridgewood Dr250-295-444211/19/20131pm - 5pmDrop in.
SummerlandSt. John's Lutheran Church15244 N. Victoria Rd250-404-805012/10/20131pm - 6pmDrop in.
VernonSchubert Centre3505 - 30th Ave250-549-572111/14/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
VernonVernon Health Centre1440 - 14th Ave250-549-572111/22/20132pm - 6pmFamilies with children - by appt only.
VernonVernon Health Centre1440 - 14th Ave250-549-572112/6/20132pm - 6pmFamilies with children - by appt only.
West KelownaWest Kelowna Health Centre160 - 2300 Carrington Rd250-980-5150Offered Dec. 6, 2013 - Mar. 21, 2014 - call for appt.
West KelownaEmmanuel Church2600 Hebert Rd250-868-770011/21/20131pm - 6pmDrop in.
expand Region : Thompson Cariboo Shuswap ‎(80)
100 Mile HouseSouth Cariboo Health Centre555D Cedar Ave250-395-763711/6/201310:30am - 4:30pmMultipurpose Room.  Surname A to L - drop in.
100 Mile HouseSouth Cariboo Health Centre555D Cedar Ave250-395-763712/5/201310:30am - 3:30pmMultipurpose Room.  Drop in.
AshcroftAshcroft Community Hall409 Bancroft St250-453-194211/13/20131pm - 3:30pmDrop in.
BarriereBarriere Ridge4936 Barriere Town Rd250-672-551511/13/201310am - 1pmMultipurpose Room - drop in.
Big LakeBig Lake Community Hall4056 Lakeview Road250-302-500010/30/201311am - 2pmDrop in.
Bridge LakeBridge Lake Community School7567 Bridge Lake Rd250-395-763711/13/201310am - 12pmDrop in.
CelistaNorth Shuswap Community Hall5456 Squilax Anglemont Hwy250-679-139311/6/201310:30am - 2:30pmDrop in.
ChaseChase Public Health825 Thompson Ave250-679-139311/4/20131pm - 5pmBy appt only.
ChaseChase Community Hall547 Shuswap Ave250-679-139311/7/20131:15pm - 3:30pmClinic located in basement.  Surnames A to L - drop in.
ChaseChase Community Hall547 Shuswap Ave250-679-139311/8/20131:15pm - 3:30pmClinic located in basement.  Surnames M to Z  - drop in.
ClearwaterEvergreen Acres Seniors Centre144 Evergreen Pl250-674-314111/6/20131:30pm - 2:30pmDrop in.
ClearwaterDr Helmcken Memorial Hospital640 Park Dr250-674-314111/12/20131pm - 5pmRoom A & B - drop in.
HorseflyHorsefly Community Hall5772 Horsefly Rd250-302-500010/29/201311am - 2pmDrop in.
KamloopsKamloops Full Gospel Tabernacle1550 Tranquille Rd250-851-735911/7/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
KamloopsCalvary Community Church1205 Rogers Way250-851-735911/14/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
KamloopsKamloops Public Health Unit519 Columbia St 250-851-730011/18/20138:45am - 3:45pmBy appt only.
KamloopsCalvary Community Church1205 Rogers Way250-851-735911/25/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
KamloopsKamloops Public Health Unit519 Columbia St250-851-730012/16/20138:45am - 3:45pmBy appt only.
KamloopsKamloops Public Health Unit519 Columbia St250-851-73001/20/20148:45am - 3:45pmBy appt only.
LillooetLillooet Public Health Unit951 Murray St250-256-131411/5/20131pm - 3:30pmDrop in.
LillooetLillooet Public Health Unit951 Murray St250-256-131411/12/20131pm - 3:30pmDrop in.
Logan LakeLogan Lake Fire Hall1 Opal Dr250-378-340011/4/201310am - 3pmDrop in.
LyttonSt. Bartholomew's Health Centre533 Main St250-453-194211/20/20139:30am - 12pmDrop in.
MerrittMerritt Civic Centre1950 Mamette Ave250-378-340010/30/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
MerrittNicola Valley Hospital & Health Centre3451 Voght St250-378-340012/4/20139am - 4pmBy appt only.
RevelstokeSenior Centre603 Connaught Ave250-814-224411/5/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
RevelstokeSenior Centre603 Connaught Ave250-814-224411/26/20131pm - 6pmDrop in.
Salmon ArmSalmon Arm Health Centre851 - 16th St NE250-833-410011/4/20132pm - 7pmFamilies with children - drop in.
Salmon ArmThe Gathering Place (Broadview Free Church)350 - 30th St NE250-833-410011/14/20139am - 4pmDrop in.
Salmon ArmSalmon Arm Health Centre851 - 16th St NE250-833-410011/18/20132pm - 7pmFamilies with children - drop in.
Salmon ArmSalmon Arm Health Centre851 - 16th St NE250-833-410012/2/20132pm - 7pmFamilies with children - drop in.
SavonaSavona Seniors Centre6605 Buie Rd/Savona Access Rd250-851-735911/12/201310am - 1pmDrop in.
SicamousSenior Centre1091 Shuswap Ave250-836-483511/6/20139am - 11:30amDrop in.
SicamousSenior Centre1091 Shuswap Ave250-836-483511/13/20139am - 11:30amDrop in.
SicamousSicamous Health Centre1133 Highway 97A250-836-483511/27/20139am - 11:30amAdult Clinic - by appt only.
SorrentoSorrento Memorial Hall1150 Passchendaele Rd250-833-410011/20/20139:30am - 2pmDrop in.
VavenbyVavenby Elementary School3157 Galiano Rd250-674-314111/6/201310am - 11amDrop in.
Williams LakeCariboo Bethel Church833 Western Ave250-302-500011/6/201310am - 5pmClinic located in basement. Surnames L - Z - drop in.
Williams LakeWilliams Lake Health Unit540 Borland Street250-302-500011/29/20138:45am - 12pm3rd floor - by appt only.
Williams LakeWilliams Lake Health Unit540 Borland Street250-302-500012/13/20138:45am - 12pm3rd floor - by appt only.


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