Medical Health Officer Reports

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Every year, a Medical Health Officer (MHO) at Interior Health is required by the Public Health Act to report on the health and wellness of people living, learning and working in British Columbia’s Southern Interior. These reports celebrate our progress and shine a light on important population health issues that can be addressed through the organized efforts of the health-care system and its community partners. 

Alcohol and Health in B.C.'s Interior Region 
​Published: July 2021

Alcohol is arguably the most socially acceptable of psychoactive substances. In this report, we de​scribe a public health approach that recognizes the social and economic benefits attributable to alcohol while preventing and mitigating the health and social harms. We reflect the perspectives of stakeholders, and recommend collaborative action to improve care, reduce harm and address underlying health determinants.

Health for Everyone, by Everyone: A Population Health Perspective on Interior Health’s Key Strategies
Published: July 2021

In this report, we use IH’s key strategic priorities as a framework for a broader conversation about what health and wellness means, and what collaborative action can be taken at a systems level to promote health, prevent disease and improve health equity. This report, and its recommendations, are for all partners within IH and across the Interior region who can contribute their knowledge, skills and resources to this collective effort.

Interior Health Child Health Report
​​Published: April 2019

The social, emotional, intellectual and physical development that occurs during childhood lays the foundation for a lifetime of health and accomplishments. In this report, we present a selection of child health indicators that identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of children across the southern interior of B.C. The report includes recommendations for addressing gaps in health outcomes seen across geographic areas and within vulnerable population groups.​

Drinking Water in Interior Health: An Assessment of Drinking Water Systems, Risks to Public Health, and Recommendations for Improvement
Published: January 2017

​This report reviews the state of the drinking water systems in our region. It was made to support water system owners and operators. We hope water suppliers will use it to inform all users about the essential service they provide. We also hope it will encourage discussion with users and leaders on the value of clean, safe tap water and their community water system. Let’s work together to ensure that everyone has clean, safe drinking water. 

Road Safety Report for the Interior Health Authority​​
Published: September 2013

Motor Vehicle Crashes account for a large number of deaths and hospitalizations in the Interior Health region. This report provides a detailed breakdown of road-related deaths and hospitalizations between 2001 and 2010. We also estimate future impacts if no action is taken, and consider appropriate prevention strategies and multi-sectoral collaboration.​

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