Interior Voices Season 2
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This week, host Vanessa Mitchell talks colleagues Rose Melnyk and Tracy Mooney along with Colleen Seymour from and Lisa Bourque Bearskin from Thompson Rivers University. Their discussion centers on the importance of Aboriginal research in health care.
This week, host Vanessa Mitchell talks with Tracy Mooney, Aboriginal Employment Advisor and Jody Wagner, Aboriginal Mental Wellness Practice Lead. Their discussion centers around Aboriginal Mental Wellness during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
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This week on the Interior Voices podcast, hosts Vanessa Mitchell and Kris Murray talk with Jody Wagner, Aboriginal Mental Wellness Practice Lead. Jody shares her thoughts on Orange Shirt Day and the importance of trauma-informed practice.
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This week’s episode was recorded earlier this year before the start of the pandemic and before Sheila’s departure. IH Vice President for Human Resources Mal Griffin joined Sheila, Vanessa, and Kris to discuss diversity and inclusion and Mal’s career with Interior Health.
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This week host Vanessa Mitchell visits with Karen Cooper. Karen shares her journey to her current position as Director of Allied Health for IH West. Karen participated in the Nlaka’pamux Nation Managers tour last summer and shares the trip’s impact with Vanessa.
Interior Voices host Vanessa Mitchell talks with Debi Morris, Mental Health and Substance Use Administrator for IH West. The pair reminisce about the time they spent together last year on the Nlaka'pamux communities tour and the importance of patient-centred care.
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For IH staff, the past few months have been anything but business as usual. As we begin to move into the next phase of our COVID-19 pandemic recovery, Vanessa and Kris are back to share some ways we can celebrate national Indigenous Peoples Day-albeit virtually!
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Episode 2: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
This week our hosts discuss the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with guest Jesse McDonald.
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This week Kris, Vanessa, and Sheila discuss the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the resulting Calls to Action related to health.
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