Research Ethics Board
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The Interior Health Research Ethics Board (REB) is an independent multi-disciplinary body composed of 10 members drawn from the fields of health, law, ethics, and the community. They bring diverse and varied expertise to the review of research studies involving human participants.

What do we do?

The REB reviews proposals for research to be conducted under the auspices of IH, to ensure the ethical and other obligations of competent research are met. In doing so, the REB protects not only research participants but also Interior Health and those conducting the research. 

How do I apply for research ethics review?

To apply for a research ethics review, follow the steps outlining the review process.

When is the deadline to apply?

Deadlines are the Monday two weeks prior to the meeting. Review the complete schedule.

What are the possible outcomes?

There are different levels of approval. Learn more about the outcomes of an ethics review.

What are our policies?

Review the new Research Ethics policies online.

Still have questions?

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Review the research ethics FAQs for answers to your questions. 

Contact us

Contact the research team.

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