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The Research Department engages with health care recipients and providers in all aspects of health research (i.e., designing, conducting and using knowledge) across Interior Health to advance health care delivery and contribute to better health for individuals and populations. Please contact Research anytime. 

As such the Research Department will help ensure that:

  • Selected IH Research Priorities are translated into research activity and research action;
  • Research is informed and co-directed by health care providers, community partners, and patients 
  • Capacity for  constructive collaboration is established amongst patients, community partners, researchers and health care providers;
  • The practice knowledge of health care providers and community partners is valued as evidence as part of the research process; 
  • The experiential knowledge of patients is valued as evidence as part of the research process; 
  • Everyone shares the goal of timely implementation of quality and ethical health research

Application for operational approval

In addition to ethical approval, operational approval is required for all research conducted in Interior Health. Please use the Application for Operational Approval form to outline any human or physical resources that may be requested from IH in order to conduct research. Please contact Research for further information.  

Strategy for patient-oriented research

Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) is about ensuring that the right patient receives the right intervention at the right time. In BC, SPOR is part of the Patients as Partners collaborative that involves patients and families, health authorities, health care providers, universities, non-profit organizations, the Ministry of Health and other organizations in the province. These initiatives aim to build effective, responsive, and sustainable healthcare systems alongside people who use healthcare.

Patient engagement in research/health care improvements will enable better health service delivery and inclusive policy making. For more information about patient engagement in research and/or to help strengthen patient engagement in research in the Interior region please contact Dr. Karin Maiwald (Research: Patient & Stakeholder Engagement Lead) by phone 250-505-7235.

Patient Engagement in Research Committee of the BC SUPPORT Unit Interior Centre Opportunity is Open Now to patient partners in the Interior region. Please RSVP now.


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