In-Region Processes
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​The following is only to occur once a placement request has been confirmed in HSPnet.

Computer network access for local schools (All Students)
For education institutions geographically situated within IH, the placing coordinator (or equivalent school designate) will arrange access for you. This will generate a mnemonic and grant Meditech access.
If the education institution uses Access Management Portal (AMP), you will receive an email from the IMIT Access Team. The subject line will read “Do Not Reply – Interior Health Access Management Portal – Terms of Agreement”. This is not SPAM. This email may arrive in the junk folder depending on your email settings.
This email will expire after 7 days and provides you with instructions including:
  • provide a 4 digit PIN that you will need to remember for verification purposes
  • read and click “accept” on the terms of the agreement, which completes the form and automatically submits to the IMIT Access Team, and
  • wait for an email from the Access Team (which you will receive within 2 weeks of the practicum placement start date) with your assigned mnemonic and the phone number you need to call to set up a password (this is when you will need to provide the 4-digit PIN).
If your Education Institution is not familiar with the AMP, you will need to complete and sign the External User Access Agreement (EUAA) and return it to your placing coordinator (or equivalent school designate).
The mnemonic is required in order to proceed with obtaining Glucometer, Pyxis & Omnicell access.

Glucometer Access (Nursing Students)
Once the corresponding theory has been completed (usually provided as a lab by an instructor), complete the Skills Assessment Checklist & email IH Lab Quality (cc’ing the instructor) a minimum of one (1) week prior to the practicum placement start date.
On the checklist, ensure the school name is included on the same line as the student name. Annual re-certification is required. This is done by re-submitting the Skills Assessment Checklist. 

Omnicell (Nursing Students)
This is how nursing students will dispense medications while in the clinical setting. Depending on which site the student is confirmed for will determine what access is required and how it is requested.
Students going to Royal Inland Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital are to complete and submit the Omnicell User Access Form.
For the following sites, complete the Omnicell User Access Form and bring to the unit manager or preceptor on the first practicum day for approval and forwarding to the on-site pharmacy:
100 Mile House Hospital
Cariboo Memorial Hospital
Creston Valley Hospital
East Kootenay Regional Hospital
Kootenay Boundary Hospital
Kootenay Lake Hospital
Penticton Regional Hospital
Shuswap Lake Hospital
South Okanagan General Hospital 
Pyxis (Nursing Students)
Students going to Vernon Jubilee Hospital are to complete the Pyxis User Access Form and bring to the unit manager or preceptor for approval and forwarding to the on-site pharmacy.
For any practice placement occurring in a ‘community/clinic setting’ complete only the
External User Access Agreement (EUAA) 

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