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The following six items are required to be completed prior to the learners’ first day in the clinical setting. Failure to comply may result in a delayed or disrupted practicum placement.

​1. Criminal Records Check

If a practicum placement requires direct contact with vulnerable children or adults, a Criminal Records Check (CRC) from the Ministry of Justice must be completed. This is to be completed prior to the placement, every 5 years thereafter and if there is a charge or conviction within those 5 years. Of importance:

  • The cost of the CRC is the responsibility of the student.
  • The education institution will maintain the document in the students’ file.
  • It is recommended the student maintain a copy of the CRC in the event proof/evidence is requested by the practicum site.
  • Immediate termination of the student’s placement will result if false information is reported.
    If there is a status change to the CRC during the practicum placement, notify the education institution and practicum site immediately.
  • In the event of a current or pre-existing charge or conviction, IH will determine how the practicum placement will be impacted.
  • If a practicum placement is less than 1 day and the learner will remain under the direct supervision of an employed professional at all times during the experience, a CRC may not be required.

2. Student Practice Core Orientation (SPECO)

Using a school-based email address, instructors and students will create an account within the Learning Hub. Refer to the SPECO Quick Reference Guide for additional information.  Retain a copy of your completed checklist and provide a copy to your Education Institution.

3. Photo Identification

Instructors and students are expected to wear their school issued identification, preferably ID with a photo and this is to remain visible at all times while on IH property.
4. Access to the Interior Health Computer Network
Students will be provided with a mnemonic prior to the practicum placement. This unique identifier will be used for all additional practicum placements and employment with IH. This is standardized as the first three letters of your last name, first letter of your first name and sometimes followed by a number. Depending on the area of study, the mnemonic will grant you access into the following areas:
  • Medication dispensing cabinets (Pyxis and Omnicell)
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • InsideNet: This is IH’s internal website (where iLearns, Policies & Procedures are stored) that is only accessible when logged into an IH computer.
  • Meditech: Meditech is the clinical information system that is used in the provision of care. Access to electronic clinical information systems is only provided for the duration of the practicum placement. You may require access to patient/client electronic health records as part of your practicum placement. Students are only permitted to access records of patients/clients to whom they are providing direct care. It is the responsibility of the student and/or on-site faculty to ensure that they have received the necessary training prior to the practice placement.
For computer network processes where education institutions are geographically situated outside IH and needing to dispense & administer medications and complete blood glucose monitoring, click here

5. Confidentiality Undertaking for Student Placement
The Confidentiality Undertaking for Student Placement only ever needs to be completed once. There are two options for completion:
Option 1 (Students with a mnemonic and iLearn Access):
Students log into the iLearn system and search for course 2282. Students will complete this iLearn (answer each of the statements)and click submit. Nothing further is required.
Option 2 (Students without computer accesses):
Click the link and print the form. The student will complete all fields of this document. This completed form is given to the appropriate person at the Education Institution where it will be filed in the students’ academic record.
6. Immunizations
Flu shots are required annually, as per the IH AV1350 Influenza Prevention Policy.


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