Student Practice
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Welcome to student practice (also referred to as student placement or practicum placement) which provides learners with hands-on experience in order to practice effectively in a particular field of study.

Student placement opportunities may involve access to patient information or direct patient/client care under the direction and supervision of practicing & employed health professionals authorized by the health authority or the education institution.
As per the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Advanced Education (2013), Interior Health (IH) prioritizes placement requests based on physical geography. IH sponsored or funded students have first priority for placement. Once those learners have been accommodated, site managers will work to accommodate local, provincial, national, international; public and private education institutions; then other agencies; and finally non-affiliated individuals. As the provincial government financially subsidizes public and post-secondary education institutions, in situations where all other decision-making factors are equal, IH will place students from public education institutions before students from private education institutions.



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