Land Development
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Promoting healthy community planning and development

Health Protection plays an important role in facilitating land development in both rural and urban settings. We provide input on watershed protection, advocating for community sewer and water supply systems. In conjunction with other Interior Health programs we provide input from the broader “Healthy Built Environment” perspective.

Healthy built environment team

Our Healthy Built Environment Team consists of Environmental Health Officers, and Air Quality and Healthy Built Environment Specialists.

Send your questions and inquiries about subdivisions, land development projects, holding tanks, covenant releases and sewage system filings to the Healthy Built Environment Team.

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Subdivision & development of land

Interior Health’s Health Protection Program promotes the healthful development of land, with particular interest in drinking water supply and sewage disposal. Failure to develop land without due care and attention can result in adverse health outcomes for property owners and the community at large. 


Drinking Water Requirements

Sewage Disposal

Release of Covenant


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