Chronic Pain
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Providing care and support for individuals living with chronic pain

Chronic pain affects many people in our region and the burden of chronic pain can be felt at home, at work and across many areas of an individual’s life. The ability to manage chronic pain is key to improving quality of life for those experiencing pain that has extended past the normal healing time.

Currently, general practitioners are the primary health care providers for patients with chronic pain. Other health care providers such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and other allied health and alternative therapy providers are also important members of the chronic pain care team.

This website is a central resource for information for individuals living with chronic pain and the families and providers who support them.  Along with this information, Interior Health in partnership with multiple stakeholders developed a Chronic Pain Strategy for the provision of chronic non-malignant pain services for adults in the region. This strategy will guide future IH service improvements as resources become available.

Review these chronic pain informational videos or browse our useful list of links and resources.

Programs and services

Okanagan Interventional Pain Clinic: Specializing in procedural, medical and rehab interventions for chronic pain including pain management groups, self management, consulting services, medical management, interventional treatments and rehabilitation/physiotherapy.

Self Management BC: Find or request a self-management program near you. Become a peer leader and help others with chronic pain self management. The Self Management BC programs provide information and teach practical skills to help people manage their health conditions.

Pain BC: Learn about the provincial organization advocating for better lives for those living with chronic pain. Access resources, find out about events and services in your area, and learn more about opportunities to get involved.

The Arthritis Society of BC: The Arthritis Society offers events in communities across BC for education, self management and techniques for living well with arthritis. 

Useful links and resources

Research and national awareness


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