Preparing to Move
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Tips to help you prepare for your move

BC’s residential access policy ensures people with the most need have priority for the first appropriate bed in a residential care facility. The time between being notified of a vacancy and moving into a residence is often very short - within 24 to 48 hours - therefore, it is necessary to organize for the move in advance.

What can I do to prepare for my move?

These are the most important steps that you and your family should take to prepare for the move:

  • Review your eligibility for available benefits, such as Guaranteed Income Supplement or Veterans Affairs benefits 
  • Talk about future wishes for health care treatment with your family and family physician
  • Confirm whether your family doctor will continue to provide medical care after the move
  • Make a list of places that will need a change of address notification, including BC Medical Services Plan, Canada Post, your bank and insurance companies and social organizations. Many residential care facilities prefer that your business mail is redirected to your designated financially responsible person rather than delivered onsite.
  • Review budget planning to include the costs of residential care accommodation that will be payable on admission and monthly after that

What information do I need before I arrive?

We will let you know when an appropriate bed becomes available. Immediately following this notification you should contact the residence to find out:

  • what transportation arrangements are needed
  • who should come to help with admission
  • what belongings and furnishings can be taken
  • what personal items are needed and how to label them
  • what are the facilities policies regarding belongings, pets, mail, religious beliefs or other pertinent concerns
  • if outings and overnight stays be arranged

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