Resources for Licensees
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Amending a licence

An amendment application is required if you are changing or adding a care program, facility capacity, or facility name.

Request an exemption

Requesting an exemption allows for a temporary release from a requirement of legislation. An exemption gives Licensing Officers and Medical Health Officers flexibility and the discretion to consider unique situations.

Legislation & standards

Important government and ministry of Health information required for child care licensees.

Care plans

A care plan specifies the care a child requiring extra support needs to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually while they are in your care. The purpose of a care plan is to ensure that children who require extra support get that support in a systematic and predictable manner.

Health & nutrition

Child care providers are required to promote a safe and healthy environment.

Records & documentation

Records and documentation are required to prove that you are operating in compliance with provincial standards.


Licensing Officers and Compliance Officers will investigate every complaint about an unlicensed care facility, a care facility that does not comply with the legislation or the terms or conditions of its licence and an incident alleging that abuse or neglect in a facility.

Incident reports

A reportable incident is an event where a person in care has become ill or injured, has been seriously or adversely affected; or, has gone missing while under the care or supervision of the licensee.



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