Amending a Licence
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Information regarding when to amend a facility licence

An amendment application is required if you are changing or adding a type of care, changing a manager, facility capacity or facility name.

Change of manager

Should your facility manager leave or expect to be absent for more than 30 consecutive days, you must notify Licensing Direct right away. Please provide the replacement manager’s name and contact information, as well as their start date.

Change of facility capacity or type of care

Complete the following and submit to Licensing Direct:

  • An Application for Licence Form indicating the new capacity or type of care
  • An updated floor plan
  • Current site plan including boundaries and outdoor areas
  • Fire approval of emergency exits and fire drill system (capacity change only)
  • Record of municipal approvals (care type and capacity changes)
  • An updated budget

Other changes

Complete the Application for Licence Form and submit to Licensing Direct to advise of changes to the following:

  • facility name
  • mailing address

Notify Licensing Direct directly of these changes (an application for Licence is not required):

  • licensee contact information
  • months, days, hours of operation

Physicial or operational changes

Immediately notify Licensing Direct of changes to your:

  • Care program
  • Employee plan
  • Site plan
  • Budget
  • Floor plan or structural changes

Plans must be approved before any structural changes can be made.

A licensee of a residential care facility is required to provide one year advance notice of temporary or permanent suspension of a facility’s operations. Notice is required 120 days prior to a reduction, expansion, or substantial change to services, or a sale, lease, or transfer of a facility 

Apply for an exemption

An exemption is a release from a requirement of legislation. An exemption gives Licensing Officers and Medical Health Officers flexibility and the discretion to consider unique situations. 

To apply, follow the instructions on applying for an exemption to Licensing Direct.

Contact Licensing Direct

Phone: 1-877-980-5118
Email: Contact us by email 
Fax: 250-868-7760

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