Nutrition & Food Safety in a Child Care Facility
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Promoting a safe and healthy environment

Interior Health has made it easier to offer a greater variety of healthy foods and food activities in child care settings.  Watch our two minute video “overview” to learn about our new approach to food in child care that offers a balance between food safety and healthy food options.

Review our new food safety requirements. Additional information about the approval process can be found in the resources section


Positive early experiences with food enhance child development and promote lifelong healthy eating habits. Child care providers play a key role in supporting and creating these experiences. 

The Food Flair Manual (LEAP BC 2009) provides details on topics such as menu planning, eating together, avoiding food battles, supporting parents to send healthy food and developing a nutrition policy for your facility.

Fact sheets for child care providers and parents:

Other related resources and links:

General nutrition questions? Call 811 to reach Dietitian Services at HealthLinkBC.

Food safety

Many types of food can be linked with foodborne illness and the consequences can be severe. It is important to be knowledgeable about safe food handling practices.

Training courses:


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Contact an Environmental Health Officer if you have questions about food safety or need your plans reviewed.


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