Operations in Contravention
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Community Care & Assisted Living Act

Unlicensed care providers may care for only two persons not related to them, at any one time. An unlicensed provider may also exceed the limit of two children if they are children within a single sibling group (brothers and sisters). If someone cares for 3 or more persons as outlined in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, without a community care facility licence, they may be operating in contravention of the Act.

Licensing Officer Response to Complaints of Unlawful Care

Section 15(1)(a) of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act requires a licensing officer to investigate every complaint that an unlawful care facility is being operated. We inspect the address where care is being provided and verify the number of persons in care. If unlicensed care is being provided, the operator will be asked to reduce the number of persons in care so that they are no longer operating unlawfully.

Complaint Reports

The following inspection information reflects the date when the complaint was received, a summary of the findings and the steps the operator has taken in order to be in compliance with the Act.

​Name ​Address ​Owner ​Report
Nicole Pankratz ​115-298 Maple St., Penticton BC ​Nicole Pankratz View report
Giggles and Hugs​​ 500 Dougall Road S, Kelowna BC​ ​Dalyce Romaniuk View report​
Giggles and Hugs​​ 500 Dougall Road S, Kelowna BC​​ ​Dalyce Romaniuk​ View report
The Little Finnie Farm Daycare 9211 BC-6, Coldstream BC​ Kimberly Finnie​ View report​
​One Tree Adventures ​2551 St Paul Street, Rossland BC ​Emily Kogan-Young View report​

Applying for a license

Learn about the application process for a community care licence.



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