Active Facility Outbreaks
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If you are intending to visit a facility listed below, please consider postponing your visit until the outbreak is over. This will help keep you and your loved one healthy.​

The outbreaks list is updated when new outbreaks are declared in a facility.  Outbreaks are listed for the following types of infections and illnesses: Gastrointestinal Illness (GI), Respiratory Infection (RI), and Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI). When an outbreak is over, the facility is removed from the list. 

The list includes all hospitals or long term care facilities within IH that either fall under the Hospital Act or are licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. 
FernieRocky Mountain VillageEntire FacilityGastrointestinal Illness (GI)Residential2/18/2020
GoldenDurand ManorEntire FacilityRespiratory Infection (RI) - Scenario BResidential2/3/2020
PentictonVillage by the StationEntire FacilityRespiratory Infection (RI) - Scenario BResidential2/13/2020
PentictonHaven Hill Entire FacilityRespiratory Infection (RI) - Scenario AResidential1/27/2020
VernonGateby Care Centre2nd FloorGastrointestinal Illness (GI)Residential2/11/2020

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