Permits, Approvals and Plans
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Permits and approvals

Providing drinking water to consumers may require a valid permit or approval. There are three types of approvals.

1. New drinking water source assessment (for new or existing systems)

New drinking water sources need to be assessed to identify and avoid potential contamination. Information collected is essential for supporting source protection efforts and proper treatment system design and operation.

Review the following information prior to starting your assessment application:

Complete the Request for New Drinking Water Source form. Contact an Environmental Health Officer with any questions.

An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will evaluate your new drinking water source(s) information and provide recommendations to you. Once you have received your recommendations, proceed with the Waterworks Construction Permit Application.

2. Waterworks construction permit

Construction permits are required by the Drinking Water Protection Act and must be obtained before the construction, installation, alteration, or extension of a water supply system.

Review the following information prior to starting your application:

Complete the Application for Waterworks Construction Permit and email or mail the form to Engineering Direct. If you have any questions, please call Engineering Direct toll free at 1-855-743-3550 or by email.

Additional requirements:

  • Cover letter
  • Digital copy of all documents and drawings (PDF format is acceptable)
  • Specifications
  • Professional reports
  • Sample results

3. Operating permit

An operating permit is required for community drinking water supply.

Once the construction permit is issued by a Public Health Engineer (section 2 above), your file will be forwarded to an Environmental Health Officer to begin the Operating Permit approval process. Complete the Application for a Permit to Operate a Water Supply System and contact an Environmental Health Officer.


Water operators are required to develop and keep current, various plans to support their efforts to provide quality drinking water. Templates and guides are provided to assist operators in developing these plans.

Emergency Response Planning for Water System Owners

Owners of a small water supply can fill out Emergency plans by following the BC Emergency Response Planning for Small Waterworks Systems. This guide will assist you to develop an Emergency Response Plan.


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