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​Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach

Updated May 12, 2015

Quesnel Lake Water Quality

Test results for water on Quesnel Lake and Quesnel River continue to meet human safety guidelines, this includes test for metals and chemicals.

Residents and visitors who take their drinking water from Quesnel Lake are reminded to treat their water for pathogens (germs) found naturally in all surface waters. The pathogens found in the water are not related to the August 4, 2014 tailing facility breach event. Residents and visitors who are unable to treat their water should boil (for one minute) all water used for drinking, washing of fresh fruits and vegetables and making ice or use an alternate potable water supply.

A long term water monitoring program is being completed by the Ministry of Environment and Mount Polley Mine. Interior Health will continue to interpret these results from a human health risk perspective..

Please contact the IH Health Protection Office at 1-888-702-7771 for more information.

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