​Incident Reporting & Investigations
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Reporting and investigating an incident at a residential care facility

Facility managers are required to report specific types of incidents that occur. Reporting ensures that incidents are reviewed in a timely manner both by the facility and by Interior Health. The goal is to prevent recurrence and promote a high standard of care.

What is an incident?

The Regulations define certain events in a facility as incidents that must be reported. Review the Reportable Incident Form for a list.

How soon is a manager required to provide notification?

Notification must be done within 24 hours of a reportable incident occurrence.

How can incidents be reported?

Facilities that provide hospice care can report deaths using the report expected deaths in hospice care form.

All other facilities can submit the completed reportable incident form to Licensing Direct using one of the following methods:

Keep a copy for your records. It is not necessary to submit the original version if you fax or email your report.

Definitions for choking & aggressive behaviour

Read the Reportable Incidents Amendment dated September 2013.


Licensing Officers and surveyors will investigate every complaint about:

  • an unlicenced care facility
  • a care facility that does not comply with the legislation or the terms or conditions of its licence.

Learn more about our investigations in care facilities.


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