Onsite Sewage
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Learn about the requirements for sewage disposal systems

I need to build/repair a septic system

Any home or building that is not connected to a municipal or city sewage system needs a method for getting rid of human waste.  Some buildings, usually in rural settings with no running water, may use an outhouse or privy.  All buildings with indoor plumbing need to have a sewage disposal system that is in compliance with the Sewerage System Regulation.

Every owner who wants to construct a new septic system, or alter or repair an existing one, must retain the services of an authorized person who may be a professional engineer or a registered onsite waste water practitioner to design and oversee construction of the disposal system.

When it is not possible to install a sewerage system on a parcel of land, the owner may choose to install a sewage holding tank. Minimum requirements must meet the Sewerage System Regulation requirements.

I need to file a Record of Sewerage System or a Letter of Certification

Complete the appropriate form below and submit as indicated at bottom of form. Electronic submissions of the Record of Sewerage System or Sewerage System Letter of Certification do not require a seal. GPS information is not required for sewerage registry. Our staff will contact you within one business day to collect payment for Record of Sewerage System filings.

I’m looking for my septic system

A search can be done for a property by contacting your local health protection office.  A non-refundable fee of $50 is required with a completed sewerage file information request form

* Please note that we cannot guarantee that a file will be located or that it will include an accurate diagram of the system.  If no information is available, either the original paperwork is very old, or could not be filed due to incorrect information, or the sewage system was constructed/repaired without proper authorization.


The following fees are related to land use and onsite sewage:

Item​ Cost
Sewerage System Filing Fee (non refundable)​ $200​
Holding Tank Permit   ​ $400​
Copy of Sewage Permit/Filing/Maintenance Plan​ $50​


Have a complaint or concern?

If you have a health and safety concern or complaint about an onsite sewage issue, please contact your local health protection office.​


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