Control of Tobacco and E-Cigarettes
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On Sept. 1, 2016, the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act came into effect throughout British Columbia. The changes affect both residents and retailers in British Columbia. It restricts the display, promotion, and sale of tobacco and vapour products (e-cigarettes) to minors and protects the public and employees from harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

Read more details about the Act and Regulation here

About vapour products:

Also known as e-cigarettes, they are devices that contain an electronic or battery powered heating element that can vapourize an e-substance (e-juice).

E-substance or e-juice is a solid, liquid or gas that when heated by the element in an e-cigarette produces a vapour.
All e-substances are covered by legislation and it does not matter if the e-substance contains nicotine or is nicotine-free.
Information for Tobacco and Vapour Products Retailers
Contact your local Tobacco Enforcement Officer if you have any questions regarding:
  • How to obtain signs, decals or brochures
  • Update your information with Interior Health
  • General questions, comments, complaints
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Have a complaint or concern?
If you have a health and safety concern or complaint about the sale of tobacco or e-cigarettes to minor children, please contact your local Health Protection Office.

Tobacco enforcement officers regularly conduct inspections and compliance checks. If you see a retailer selling tobacco or e-cigarettes to a minor please report it to your local Tobacco Enforcement Officer
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