Sexual Assault and Violence
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​​Find information and resources for yourself or someone who has experienced sexual or intentional violence.

Learn what you can do if violence has affected you or someone you care about.

Sexual assault care

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or have experienced intentional violence within the past seven days, they may require an exam at one of our hospitals. We provide confidential, sensitive medical care and emotional support to anyone 13 or older who has been sexually assaulted. Find out more about getting help.

Aftercare and follow up

Find a list of possible gender specific symptoms the survivor may have, follow up tests and care that can or should be received, and where to go for follow up care.  Learn more.

Support and services

In addition to the support and care that can be received at your local hospital or family practitioner, many communities provide additional services for individuals who have been sexually assaulted. Find support agencies and organizations in your area, facts and figures, and definitions of terms you might hear.

Educational resources and facts


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