Mandatory Vaccination Status Reporting
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​On July 1, 2019, the Province of British Columbia approved the Vaccine Status Reporting Regulation under the Public Health Act.

Under this regulation, parents and guardians are expected to provide public health centres with immunization records for students in kindergarten through to grade 12, in both public and independent schools.

Interior Health public health staff are reviewing immunization records and will be reaching out to patients, guardians, or students whose immunization records are incomplete or missing.


What is the mandatory vaccination status reporting?

It is important to know that mandatory reporting does not mean mandatory vaccination. Rather, this regulation means that every child in British Columbia will have their vaccination history documented in the provincial immunization registry.


Why mandatory vaccination status reporting?

Mandatory vaccination reporting is an important way to protect children across B.C. from vaccine-preventable diseases like measles. Having complete vaccination records allows public health officials to respond quickly to outbreaks, easily identifying those who are under immunized or unimmunized.

We also know that being a parent is busy. Mandatory vaccination reporting aims to make keeping up with your child's vaccination status easier. Up to date records make it easier for public health officials to connect with parents and provide information about upcoming school-based or community health clinics where their child can receive immunizations if required.


Are my child's records already in the registry?

If your child has had their immunizations from a public health nurse in B.C., this information will already be documented and entered into the registry.

If you child had any of their immunizations from a physician or pharmacist, the information may not have been entered into the registry and their record may be absent or incomplete. This also applies to immunization received out of province.


What do I need to do before the upcoming school year?

If your child's immunization records are up-to-date you do not need to do anything and public health will not be contacting you.

If you are unsure if your child's immunization records are up to date, please contact your local public health centre for this information and advice on next steps.

If your child had their immunizations from a physician, pharmacist, or out of province, reach out to those vaccine providers and ask for a copy of your child's immunization record. Please then provide a copy of those record to your local public health centre. Our records are likely incomplete and public health will be in touch to update your records.

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