Infants and Children (0-6 years)
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Supporting the health of your young ones

We provide specialized programs, services, and resources designed to meet the needs of infants and children, aged 0-6 years old.


Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby. Visit our breastfeeding page to learn more.​

​Cleft Palate Clinic

Services at the cleft palate clinic are available for children and youth from birth to age 19.

Dental Health

It's important to keep your baby's teeth healthy. Visit our dental health page to learn more.

Early Hearing Program

Newborns can have their hearing screened shortly after birth through the Early Hearing Program.

Growth & Development

Every child grows in a unique way. Visit our growth and development page to learn more.


It is important to get your child vaccinated. Visit our immunization page to learn more.

Infant Crying

Learn how to understand your baby's crying. Visit our infant crying page to learn more.

Mental Health Promotion

We know more than ever before about how young children think, learn, and grow. Visit our mental health promotion page to learn more.


We have helpful resources on nutrition and healthy eating for early childhood. Visit our nutrition page to learn more.


Interacting with your baby has a big impact. Visit our parenting page to learn more.

Preventing Injuries

Protect your children from injuries. Visit our injury prevention page to learn more.
Make sure that every sleep is a Safer Sleep for your child. Learn about Time for Bed tips to help develop good bedtime routines and sleep habits.

​Smoke-Free for Babies & Infants

Protect yourself and your family from the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke. Visit our smoke-free page to learn more.
Speech & Language
Support is available for your child's speech and language development needs. Visit the speech & language page to learn more.
Undiagnosed vision concerns can seriously affect a child’s abilities, success, and confidence. Visit our vision page to learn more.


























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