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Time to test for radon gas

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It may contribute to as much as 16% of all lung cancers. Radon, when combined with tobacco smoke, including second-hand smoke, can increase the risk substantially. Health Canada estimates that one in three smokers exposed to high radon levels will develop lung cancer ... Read more.


Confused about carbs?

Do you know how to choose healthy carbohydrates?  If you are like many others, you aren’t sure what a carb is or whether you should be eating them or not.  Read on to separate the fact from the fiction ... Read more.


Climate change and your health

September 1, 2017

The global climate is changing. On average the temperature of the earth is rising causing more extreme weather events such as the droughts, fires and floods much of our region has experienced this year. These changes affect natural and human environments (air quality, clean water and food sources) and ... Read more.


Smoke free spaces are a breath of fresh air

August 1, 2017

Nothing says we have left winter behind like the onset of sunshine, warm weather and clean fresh air! We can’t wait to head outside and breathe deeply; experiencing the freshness of the summer season. We love to congregate and recreate in our favorite public spaces such as parks, play grounds, athletic fields, beaches ... Read more.



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