Primary Health Care
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Meeting your everyday health care needs

What is Primary Health Care?

Primary Health Care includes all of the basic services that are required to meet your everyday healthcare needs. This might be a checkup with your family doctor, a visit to a physiotherapist, or a trip to the pharmacist or public health nurse.

Interior Health is committed to improving the way primary health care is delivered to help you live a healthier life!

What’s new in Primary Health Care?

  • A team approach which allows you to get the right care by the right provider
  • The ability for health care providers to share information
  • A focus on promoting health, preventing illness, and managing chronic conditions
  • A connection to your community
  • The ability for you to play an important part in your own health and well being

Why is Primary Health Care important?

Primary Health Care plays an important part of keeping you healthy! This approach is proactive using preventative measures, managing chronic disease, and encouraging self-care recommendations.  Primary health care also services to decrease delay and increase access to the health care system, offering better health outcomes.

Each of our Primary Health Care centres has an interdisciplinary health care team that provides a range of services in a single site. This coordinated approach to health care delivery ensures that clients receive the right care by the right provider, when and where they need it.

Divisions of Family Practice

Divisions of Family Practice are community-based groups of family physicians working together with each other to achieve common health care goals. Through Collaborative Service Committee tables, Division representatives come together with Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health and Health Authority representatives to further collaborate and discuss ways of working more effectively together to improve the health of populations and services in their communities.

Divisions are incorporated as non-profit societies to give them the legal status necessary to sign contracts and/or hold funds to carry out the programs in their communities. They do not duplicate roles and responsibilities of a health authority.

Learn more about Divisions of Family Practice in BC, or to find out if there is a Division active in your community. 

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