Phase 1: Dr. Walter Anderson Building

The first stage of the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre Project was the construction of a three-storey 7,850 square-metre (84,470 square foot) Dr. Walter Anderson Building. This building is located across Pandosy Street from Kelowna General Hospital, and is connected to KGH by an enclosed bridge across Pandosy between the third floors of the Dr. Walter Anderson Building and the Centennial Building.
The Dr. Walter Anderson Building houses laboratory and clinical support departments moved from the existing hospital in preparation for the construction of the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre, and ensures that critical support services continue to be located next to the existing hospital.
The Anderson Building opened on May 27, 2012. The reason the Anderrson Building was built early was so the existing Pandosy Building could be demolished to make way for the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre.



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