Patient Care Tower Champions

Welcome to the series of stories dedicated to profiling the people working together to keep the wheels moving at Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH). These stories showcase the important work being done each day and highlight the enhancements to come with the new David E. Kampe Tower.

Ambulatory Care

October 4, 2018

Patricia Breakey has witnessed a lot of change at Penticton Regional Hospital during her 13 years as a nursing manager in the ambulatory care department. During that time, PRH has seen an increase in ambulatory care services, so much so that the department has out-grown its space in the current hospital ... Read more.

Behind the Walls

July 6, 2018

As you walk through the under-construction David E. Kampe Patient Care Tower at Penticton Regional Hospital, several things strike you. Expansive windows bring in a lot of natural light; single patient rooms — each with their own bathroom — will provide privacy and help infection control; large operating rooms will give doctors and nurses exceptional working space ... Read more.

Medical Device Reprocessing Department

May 9, 2018

You might call them the unsung heroes of Penticton Regional Hospital’s operating rooms. A staff of 27 Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) technicians work behind the scenes, making sure medical instruments are sterile and ready, and preparing operating rooms with equipment for the many operations that happen on a daily basis ... Read more.

Diagnostic Imaging Department

October 23, 2017

Choosing a career can be an extremely difficult decision, but for Melody Doehle, an X-ray technologist at Penticton Regional Hospital, the decision was easy ... Read more.

Primary Care Maternity Clinic

July 17, 2017

Being an expectant or new mother is an incredible experience filled with a number of emotions. Joy and excitement are among them, but so are worry and stress. When patients visit the Primary Care Maternity Clinic at Penticton Regional Hospital they can often feel the latter - with a million different thoughts running through their minds ... Read more.

Cardiology Department

April 7, 2017

Penticton’s Cardiology department currently operates in a small corner of the hospital’s main floor. The department consists of four Physicians, four Echocardiographers (Echo Techs), six Cardiology Technologists (Cardio Techs), two administrative support staff members and up to three students at a time ... Read more.



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