Guide to Laboratory Services
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​Providing guidelines for lab and the services we provide

More than 70% of diagnostic procedures relied on by Medical Professionals are performed in the Lab.  The following guidelines are designed to assist physicians and other health care professionals in partnering with the lab to provide the right result on the right patient at the right time.

Holiday service availability

Please notify patients who may require time sensitive referred out testing that IH outpatient labs will be asking them to return at a later date if:

  • the test ordered must be shipped outside of Interior Health and
  • the sample will not be stable until the next shipping opportunity

Ordering a lab test

Outpatient laboratory tests may only be ordered by medical professionals approved by the BC Medical Association and the Ministry of Health.  Learn more about ordering a lab test, the test priority classifications, outpatient lab requisitions and preparing the patient for their particular test.

Patient identification

All patients must be positively identified by a medical professional before collecting a sample for laboratory testing.

Sample protocols

Find specific guidelines for collecting blood and non-blood samples, proper labelling requirements for lab samples, how to choose the correct order priority classification needed, specimen handling and transportation requirements, and the Sample Acceptability Criteria.

Test results

The lab is committed to providing the right result on the right patient at the right time.  You can find more information about:


Some departments have special requirements for test ordering, sample collection and labelling.  Refer to the appropriate department for this information.

IH Laboratory Service strives to meet the needs of our customers.  Physicians and other healthcare providers can contact IH Lab Quality to provide any comments or feedback on our service.  Unsatisfactory service will prompt an investigation.  A response will be made as quickly as possible to remedy or clarify the situation.


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