Sample Labelling Requirements
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Procedures for properly labelling samples

Follow these guidelines for labelling lab samples.

Attach the label to the container, not the lid.

Each sample delivered to the lab must be accompanied by the appropriate requisition or have been ordered in Meditech.  Only one requisition is required for multiple samples collected at the same time and site.

Additional patient requisition and specimen labelling requirements

Transfusion Medicine

Follow these guidelines for identifying a patient for possible transfusion and labelling the sample.

Samples from patients who may need a transfusion require an additional unique TMS identifier number added to the specimen.  A separate TMS ID band with the IH TMS identifier number must be attached to the patient’s wrist at the time of collection in the event that the patient may receive a blood product.  The patient must be wearing this armband at the time of transfusion.

  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical Indications

Refer to the Transfusion Medicine Service for more information.

Anatomical Pathology

Each AP sample container label must also have the exact site or source written on it as appears on the AP Consultation Request form.

Follow this example of a properly completed AP Consultation Request form.

Incomplete, illegible, or discrepant information requires investigation before the sample can be processed.  The responsible patient care provider will be required to personally correct mislabelled samples or requisitions.

Read more additional information for Cytology specimens.


The following additional information must be included on the requisition and specimen label:

  • Specimen source/collection site and/or fluid type
  • Sequence number of sample collected if required (e.g. #1, #2, etc.)

Microbiology requisition only:

  • Current patient Antibiotic Therapy
  • Any pertinent information: previous diagnosis, suspected diagnosis, suspected causative agent.



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