Patient Test Results
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​Access to patient lab results

Results for all clinical lab tests (non-Anatomical Pathology/Cytology) ordered directly in Meditech are available upon verification by lab staff. 

Results will only be available to the ordering physician as well as any other healthcare providers listed on the patient requisition/LIS order.

  • It is the physician’s responsibility to provide results to their patients at their request.
  • Patients requesting access to their personal health information can enroll in MyHealthPortal
  • Physicians are able to access their patient’s results electronically from their office through the Physician Office Integration (POI).    
  • Patients requesting a copy of their own results under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) may do so by submitting the completed Request for Access to Records – Lab form to your local IH health records department.
  • Exceptional circumstances may be considered by the Medical Laboratory Director and site Lab Professional Practice Leader.

Physicians are able to access their patient’s results directly from their office through the Physician Office Integration.  Access to POI can be set up by contacting the IH Service Desk at 1-855-242-1300.

Electronic reports

  • Results will be available in Meditech PCI or Electronic Medical Record upon completion.
  • STAT or Urgent Inpatient results are automatically printed to the ordering clinical unit.
  • STAT or Urgent Outpatient results will be phoned to the appropriate physician’s office.
  • Outpatient reports are available through Physician Office Integration (POI).  Access to POI can be set up by contacting the IH Service Desk by phone at:  1-855-242-1300.

Faxed reports

  • Laboratory results will only be faxed to secure fax machines that are separate from public access
  • Ensure that your fax number is listed correctly on the requisition
  • All Fax numbers must be validated for accuracy prior to use
  • Locum physicians must clearly indicate the location of the clinic they are covering and provide the correct physician name and fax number for proper follow-up of patient care after they are gone.

Verbal reports

  • IH Laboratory Service will issue verbal laboratory results to the appropriate person when indicated or requested on the requisition.  The identity of the person receiving the result must be verified at the time of the call for authenticity in order to maintain patient confidentiality.
  • Laboratory outpatient requisition must have the full telephone number, including the area code, and the name of the specific person or site to which the call is to be made.

Unexpected delays in lab reporting 

Occasionally the lab experiences difficulties that affect its ability to provide results within the stated timeframes.  Physicians/wards will receive notification in the event that a STAT or Urgent order cannot be processed in time.  The lab will try to communicate when the results are expected to be available.


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