Turnaround Time Availability
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Expected test result availability is based on order priority. Orders must be given the appropriate test priority based on the patient's clinical need.

Timeframes for receiving a report for specific departments may differ.


Collection immediately after order received.
  • Reserved for those situations of life-threatening (life and limb) medical emergency
  • Priority must be determined by the attending physician
  • STAT orders will be given priority over all other test requests
  • Results will be available within 60 minutes of ordering


  • Blood cultures will be drawn STAT and preliminary results will be available within 24 hours.  
  • STAT Microbiology cultures will be set-up immediately, only at facilities providing Microbiology testing services. Preliminary culture results will be available within 24 hours.
  • STAT Gram stain results will be available within one hour during Microbiology Technologist work hours. After hours STAT gram stains require a Microbiology Technologist to be called in.


Collection as soon as possible after order received.

  • Results will be available within 3 hours of ordering



Collected at time indicated.

  • Requests for specific inpatient collection times should be scheduled appropriately in the Meditech computer system
  • Refer to the Test Directory to determine the proper sample collection time for your patient
  • Nursing staff should make certain that inpatients are instructed to be in their room at the specified time
  • Outpatients must indicate date and time of last dose


Collect at regular collection times.

  • Orders without any indication of priority are processed as Routine
  • No collection time is required to be entered for Routine
  • Inpatient specimens will be collected during a regular collection round
  • Most results will be available within 24 hours of receipt of the specimen in the lab for on-site testing

Unexpected delays in results reporting

Occasionally the lab experiences difficulties that affect its ability to provide results within the stated timeframes. Physicians/wards will receive notification in the event that a STAT or Urgent order cannot be processed in time. The lab will try to communicate when the results might be expected to be available.

Please notify patients who may require time sensitive referred out testing that IH outpatient labs will be asking them to return at a later date if:

  • the test ordered must be shipped outside of Interior Health and
  • the sample will not be stable until the next shipping opportunity


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