Test Results
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Processes to receive test results

Turnaround time availability

Expected test result availability is based on order priority.

Patient test results

Results for all clinical lab tests (non-Anatomical Pathology/Cytology) ordered directly in Meditech are available upon verification by lab staff.  Results will only be released to the ordering physician and any other healthcare providers listed on the patient requisition/Meditech order.

Critical results

A critical laboratory result is one that has been identified as representing a potentially dangerous or life threatening state which requires immediate medical action.  All critical test results are immediately communicated to the attending physician or appropriate clinical personnel responsible for that patient’s care.

Pathologist consultation

An IH Pathologist is always available for consultation. During regular working hours, contact your local Anatomical Pathology department. After hours, contact the switchboard operator at the desired facility to page the Pathologist on-call or consult the Oncall Scheduling system.

Missing lab reports

All laboratory tests requested by an authorized healthcare provider are tested and reported.  If a test is not performed for any reason, the reason is documented and the physician is notified.

Reference ranges

Reference ranges for individual tests are stated on the patient report, specific for the age and gender of the patient, taking into account biological variation.  As test methodologies vary, the reference range will reflect the current appropriate range for that test.  All results must be interpreted in conjunction with the patient’s individual presentation.

Measurement Uncertainty

IHLS has compiled a Measurement Uncertainty (MU) Table which provides estimates of MU for all quantitative methods. The MU estimate provides a range of values within which the true value is believed to lie with an approximate confidence level of 95%. MU is estimated for each analyte using precision data obtained from observed quality control results prior to the implementation of a new method and 6 months after any method change. Contact ihlabquality@interiorhealth.ca to request site specific and/or date range specific values if needed.


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