Ordering a Lab Test
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Guidelines for requesting lab testing

Who may order laboratory tests

Outpatient Laboratory tests may only be ordered by a physician, midwife, nurse practitioner, certified rural RN or dentist in accordance with the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols developed by the BC Medical Association and the Ministry of Health. Requests for laboratory testing from Naturopaths are not accepted by IH labs at this time. The Medical Laboratory Director may be consulted when clinical circumstances justify exceptions.

Priority classification

Recognizing that a patient’s welfare often depends upon rapid availability of lab test results, the laboratory makes a commitment to the Health Care Professional based on the ordering priority. Learn more about the guidelines for ordering urgency so that results are available when you need them.

Outpatient lab requisitions

Thoroughly and legibly completed laboratory outpatient requisitions assist us in providing the information you need in a timely manner. Omissions or errors require time for correction. Learn more about outpatient lab requisitions and what we require to process them.

You can help eliminate errors and delays by properly completing the IH Laboratory Outpatient Requisition.

Patient preparation

In order to provide the most accurate and reliable tests possible, some tests require special patient preparation. Please refer to page 2 of your IH Laboratory Outpatient Requisitions or contact your local lab for more information on requirements for specific lab tests. Information is available for patients who will be collecting their own sample.


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