Health Professionals and IH Partners
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A supportive environment to share professional resources

Interior Health works in collaboration with health care professionals and other health authorities to deliver health care service throughout BC.

Here you will find links to information and resources related to various areas of health care and the health care profession.

Community prenatal & early parenting programs

Nutrition resources for community prenatal and early parenting program (CAPC/POP/CPNP) staff.

Guide to lab services

Guidelines and standards to assist physicians and other health care professionals in partnering with the lab to provide the right result on the right patient at the right time.

Harm reduction

Information and resources on harm reduction for community partners.

Immunization resources & tools

Information about immunization programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other community vaccine providers across the IH region.

Library services

IH Library Services provides offsite access for all staff and physicians to many of our subscription e-resources with username and password required.

Mental Health & Substance Use

IH provides a wide range of Mental Health and Substance Use services.

Newcomer and refugee care

Interior Health is supporting the arrival of Syrian refugees and optimizing newcomer health care in the region. 

Nutrition education

Interior Health’s Food Security and Community Nutrition Program believes that healthy eating is the cornerstone of good physical and mental health, and should never feel like a chore.

Palliative Care

New pages offering clinical resources for palliative care.

Patient simulation

Patient simulation is highly advantageous to medical education and health professional training, helping to promote patient safety, benefits clinical skills teaching, and provides opportunities for inter-professional team training.

Seniors care

Interior Health works in collaboration with variety of partners working together to provide outstanding, sustainable quality care to our seniors. Programs and resources include the IH phased dementia pathway, long-term care complex behaviour referrals and the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) tool

School districts

Information and resources for schools and school staff, including our Healthy Schools project, HP coordinators we fund and school health nurses and the schools they cover.

Tobacco resources

Tobacco resources assist health care providers, school staff and local governments with ways to prevent people from starting to smoke, create smoke free spaces and/or help tobacco users to quit.

Workplace health & safety resources (WHS)

IH wide training and procedures, best practices, effective injury prevention interventions, education modules and safe work practices for safe patient handling, safety and hygiene and violence prevention.


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