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​Anatomy of an ECHO Session

  • 5-10 minute introduction by the physician facilitator
  • 15 minute didactic lecture by a specialist / subject matter expert
  • 60 – 75 minute case presentations consisting of a family physician from the audience (the spoke) presenting a recent complex MHSU case, as related to the topic of the session. Facilitator invites other team members at spokes to comment/elaborate on the case and asks audience for recommendations on diagnosis, non-pharmacological recommendations, pharmacological recommendations, interventional recommendations, etc. The Hub then summarizes the recommendations, consensus on diagnosis and treatment plan.  

Cycle 1 of 2019

Date and Time: Wednesdays starting October 30, 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Frequency: Biweekly
Topics: Mental Health & Substance Use (session topics TBD)
Presenters: TBD

Target Audience

Primary care providers and primary care teams


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