Why Join?
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  • ​Free
  • Connect from your home or office
  • Connect, build relationships with other primary care providers
  • Present, listen, and contribute to a complex MHSU case
  • Earn CME credits 

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the ECHO Cycle – 5 bi-weekly sessions, 1.5 hour long. 
  2. Submit a complex MHSU case from your clinic.
  3. Connect to the session using Zoom.  This can be done through desktop PC, laptop, tablet, iPad or phone (must have webcam).  Technical support is provided.
  4. Each session consists of:
    - introductions and announcements
    - a 15-20 minute presentation on a given topic (e.g. Anxiety)
    - approximately 60 minutes of case-based learning, where the primary care provider presents a recent, de-identified, complex MH case
    - case presenter will receive recommendations from specialists, multidisciplinary hub team and other primary care providers. All teach, all learn.
  5. Participate in the evaluation activities

Note: Only non-identifiable information is shared during the sessions. Our sessions are FIPPA and PIPA compliant and a secure place to share information.

Clients do not attend and are not seen during Project ECHO sessions. Instead, these sessions facilitate a way in which community providers connect to specialists and other community partners who help co-manage patients.


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