Why Join?
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  • ​Free
  • Connect from your home or office
  • Connect, build relationships with other primary care providers
  • Present, listen, and contribute to a complex MHSU case
  • Earn CME credits 

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the curriculum – 9 weekly sessions, 1.5 hour long.  We recommend attending at least  6 sessions out of the 9 to gain the most benefits from this type of learning.
  2. Equipment needed: IH MHSU uses an internet-based video technology called Zoom. Participants can connect to the video sessions through their phone, tablet, laptop, or a computer with a webcam. Technical support is provided. If possibly, please use a stationary device (not a mobile phone).
  3. Each session consists of introductions and announcements, a 15-20 minute presentation on a given topic (e.g. Anxiety) and approximately 60 minutes of case-based learning, where a healthcare provider presents a recent, de-identified, complex MH case. The presenter will receive recommendations from both the specialists Hub team and other community partner Spokes. All teach, all learn.
  4. Participate in the evaluation activities

Note: Only non-identifiable information is shared during the sessions. Our sessions are FIPPA and PIPA compliant and a secure place to share information. 

Clients do not attend and are not seen during Project ECHO sessions. Instead, these sessions facilitate a way in which community providers connect to specialists and other community partners who help co-manage patients.


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