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The IH Rural Mobile Simulation Program

The IH Rural Mobile Simulation Program was initially designed to provide instruction on emergency medicine concepts, and to provide an opportunity for rural providers of emergency care to practice potentially lifesaving skills, however, this has branched out into pediatrics, ICU, and OR as well. This program is designed to be flexible to varying levels of experience, knowledge, and background.

The course facilitators create a non-threatening, informal environment in which emergency care scenarios can be practiced. With the high fidelity human patient simulators and various task trainers being used from the fixed centres now, we are able to offer rural sites the choice of various modalities in order create close to real life experiences in rural sites, but utilizing their own supplies, equipment, and staff while building or enhancing relationships within the inter-professional teams. 

The Pritchard Simulation Centre

  • The Pritchard Simulation Centre is a partnership between UBC Faculty of Medicine and Interior Health (IH), and is located in the Clinical Academic Campus at Kelowna General Hospital.
  • The Pritchard Simulation Centre provides a safe simulation environment to participate and observe multiple scenarios.
  • The Pritchard Simulation Centre features two purpose-built simulation rooms (MainRoom and FlexRoom), control rooms (MainControlRm and FlexControlRm), and a debriefing room
  • The Centre uses highly computerized mannequin's, SimMan3G, SuperTory and Harvey, and various task trainers to simulate patient care situations in order to make this experience similar to what is encountered in the clinical setting. In the fall of 2016, we partnered with the UBC Okanagan School of Nursing.  3rd Year Nursing Students can now practice pediatric and birthing scenarios in the Pritchard Simulation Centre using their low fidelity birthing model, Noelle and high fidelity Newborn HAL and an infant, SimJunior. With this collaboration, we are able to share space, resources and expertise.

The Rae Fawcett Simulation Centre

The Rae Fawcett Simulation Centre is located at Royal Inland Hospital in the Clinical Services Building (CSB) on Level I and is located in Kamloops. The centre opened in the fall of 2016 and features two simulation spaces. The centre is a large open space concept with two purpose-built simulation areas, a control room and a debriefing area. The high fidelity simulators consist of an adult model, SimMan3G, a pediatric model SimJunior, and a birthing model, Victoria® with her neo-nate SuperTory and various task trainers.

Our ultimate goal is for you to leave the simulation experience feeling more prepared and confident to optimally care for patients using best practices. To achieve this, we utilize highly realistic, computerized SimManG and/or real people to simulate patient care situations in order to make this experience similar to what you encounter in the clinical setting.  

The Kootenay Boundary (KB) Simulation Program

The KB Simulation Program officially commenced September 2017 at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in Trail.  The goal is to work with department managers and staff to understand areas where they think specialized training would be helpful and to develop simulation training exercises to meet the needs of various groups.  Simulation will allow for teams to practice techniques in a safe environment in order to learn from it and to provide the best possible care. Simulation training also increases confidence in staff and physicians to meet the health-care needs of our patients.

Planning is underway to look at creating a simulation centre that will house the KB adult human patient simulator SimMan3G, and the pediatric human patient simulator, PediaSIM and various task trainers. The new centre will also offer more training opportunities and outreach programs in other rural communities across the Kootenay’s. 


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