Temporary Housing Health Handbook For Providers
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​Homeless and Emergency Winter Response Shelter Health Handbook For Providers

The Purpose Of This Handbook:

Outbreak prevention and control in Homeless Shelters (year round) and Emergency Winter Reponse Shelters (seasonal, temporary) require clear, accessible information and supports readily available to shelter operators.

The purpose of this handbook is to provide staff and clients of shelters within the interior region with practical information about diseases that they may encounter in these settings as well as information about prevention, early identification and control of communicable diseases and other health hazards in homeless shelter settings.

Residents of Homeless Shelters and  Emergency Winter Reponse Shelters are vulnerable to a number of health conditions as outlined in a recent report Homelessness and Health Outcomes: What are the associations?

The information contained in this handbook aims to assist shelter operators implement strategies for prevention and early detection of communicable diseases, and to promote good health amongst clients and staff.

To view the handbook, please click on the link below:

Homeless and Emergency Winter Response Shelter Health Handbook For Providers

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