Working in British Columbia
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Requirements for working in Interior Health

Physicians fully licensed in British Columbia (BC) are immediately eligible as candidates for vacant positions in Interior Health's communities. Physicians working in other parts of Canada or those applying to the Interior from overseas must have their credentials approved and gain confirmed eligibility for a license to practice in British Columbia.

Licensure in British Columbia

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) is the licensing body for family practitioners and specialist physicians in British Columbia. For more information contact the College at:

#400 - 858 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC  Canada
V6B 1C1
tel: 1-800-461-3008

Internationally trained physicians with citizenship outside Canada

Although Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada are given priority on all vacancies in British Columbia, internationally-trained physicians who are citizens of another country may be considered for available positions in designated "underserved communities" provided they have confirmation from the CPSBC that they are eligible for registration (license). 

We work closely with Health Match BC  to assess internationally sourced physician’s qualifications to give an indication of the potential for securing British Columbia registration (license). They will then work on the physician’s behalf to obtain a preliminary assessment from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC). Once the preliminary license is obtained, the physician will be referred to suitable communities in the Interior. Health Match BC and Interior Health understand that "fit" is important when you are considering relocating to a new community, thus we do our best to ensure referral to communities that meet your needs, both professionally and personally.