Rock Creek
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Population: 300
Population Served: 3,000
Health Services: Community Clinic, Boundary Hospital (in Grand Forks) 
Education: Local preschools and elementary.  High school students bussed to nearby Midway.
Economy: Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Ranching.
More Information:

Located in Boundary Country on Highway 3 between Osoyoos and Midway, this community of 300 residents was once a gold and silver mining 'boomtown', which over the years has settled into an economy that revolves around agriculture and forestry. 

Like all small towns, the businesses are locally owned and operated, while many other professionals live in the area and travel for work.  Businesses include farm and industrial supplies, golf course, antique shop, fruit stand, restaurants, accommodations, pub/hotel, convenience store and more. 

The local medical society owns and maintains the medical clinic, which is located on a 3 acre lot overlooking the Kettle River.  The society is well-funded and organized; they handle all business aspects of the practice including staffing and all overhead allowing practicing physicians to focus solely on treating patients.  The lower half of the building provides a space for all community members to take part in programs including: preschool, parenting, senior's activities, counseling and others. 

Recreation and culture

Rock Creek is home of the Dewdney Trail; a Kootenay to Coast direct link that was once used by prospectors and Government officials, and the Kettle Valley Railway; also used as a Kootenay to Coast connection.  The Trans Canada Trail also runs through Rock Creek and is very popular with locals and visitors alike.  The area is rich with reacreational and historical sites used for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, mountain-biking, golfing, and horseback riding.  2 events of note that the community hosts at the end of summer are the Rock Creek and District Fall Fair, "the biggest little fair in BC", and the Sky High Blues Festival.

Getting here

Rock Creek is situated at the Junction of Highway 33 and Highway 3.  It is 18km west of Midway, 50km east of Osoyoos and 135km south of Kelowna.

Spotlight on Rock Creek

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