Student Practice Education
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‚ÄčWelcome to a partnership in learning

Interior Health sets standards of excellence in the delivery of health services.

We welcome students and practitioners from all healthcare disciplines to join us for a rich learning experience in partnership with their educational institutions. Our goal is to provide a broad scope of learning opportunities, specialized training and education.

Interior Health considers placement requests in priority from local, provincial, national, and international public and private educational institutions, other agencies, and non-affiliated individuals. 

Placements within Interior Health may take the form of preceptorships, internships, a practicum, supervised fieldwork, group placements, collaborative learning unit placement, project placements, or observational placements.

Please find the tools you will need to arrange a student placement experience, develop and support preceptors, and link to other resources that support students.

Medical students

Learn more about opportunity for medical students to participate in an elective at a hospital within Interior Health.


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