Outpatient Lab Requisitions
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Guidelines for a proper lab requisition

Properly complete the IH Laboratory Outpatient Requisition to eliminate errors and delays. Omissions or errors require time for correction. View the Your Patient First Requisition Job Aid to see how to properly complete requisitions.   

Please refer to page 2 of the requisition for laboratory addresses, hours of operations and patient instructions.

A requisition from another accredited laboratory or pre-approved requisition from IH Specialty programs (i.e. Renal Clinic, etc.) can be accepted at all IH Laboratory sites. Depending on the test requested, an additional requisition from a referral testing facility may also be necessary.

Providing patient information

Provide patient information using a patient identification label, addressograph or by printing legibly:

  • Full legal first and last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth (DD/MMM/YYYY)
  • Provincial Healthcare Number
  • Patient Address and Phone number
  • Ordering practitioner
  • Date and time testing (if required)
  • Urgency of testing – Urgent/STAT (as necessary)
  • Clinical Indications/Diagnosis – required for some tests
  • List any medication/antibiotics, if applicable
  • Date and time of surgery for pre-operative lab tests

Other information required

Additional information required for outpatient requisitions:

  • Payment program (i.e., MSP, WCB, self, etc). Tests which are not covered by MSP may require the patient to arrange for alternate payment for the test at the time of collection.
  • Copy to physician:  please provide the full name of the practitioner or service (ie. Renal Unit) to receive a copy of the report. If a fax copy is requested, the complete fax number as well as full name of the recipient or location to whom the report is to be sent must be included. 
  • Locum physicians must include complete contact information, MSP billing number and name of patient’s physician who will be providing follow-up when locum is complete.
  • Required information as mandated by MSP for specific tests indicated on the standard laboratory outpatient requisitions (ie: clinical indications, diagnosis).

Note:  Some tests may require Pathologist approval prior to testing.

Check the desired tests, or (legibly) print the test name in the “Other tests” section.

Patient preparation

Requisitions may be:

  • Presented to the lab by the patient
  • Delivered with the collected specimen
  • Faxed to the lab from the physician’s office (urgent requests only)
  • Verbal orders may be taken by lab staff who will complete a paper requisition to keep a record on file. This results in delays in service so should be avoided if possible.

Daily orders

  • Will be in effect for five (5) days only, unless physician specifies a fixed time period
  • Physician must reorder the lab tests after 5 days

Standing orders

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly testing must indicate the time interval and frequency of testing.
  • Expire after 12 months from initial request, or 24 months for patients requiring lifetime testing.
  • Physician’s office will be notified to submit a new lab requisition when a standing order has expired.

Note: Incomplete requisitions or requisitions not conforming to the standard Laboratory Outpatient form can result in lengthy delays in your patient’s laboratory testing.


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