Outpatient Lab Requisitions
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Guidelines for a proper lab requisition

Properly complete the IH Laboratory Outpatient Requisition to eliminate errors and delays. Omissions or errors require time for correction.

View the Your Patient First Requisition Job Aid to see how to properly complete requisitions.   

Visit the Patient Information page for information including lab locations, hours, instructions patient information including lab locations, hours, and instructions.

Additional requisitions from a referral testing facility may be required. Please refer to the Test Directory for information.

A requisition from another accredited laboratory or pre-approved requisition from IH Specialty programs (i.e. Renal Clinic, etc.) can be accepted at all IH Laboratory sites. Depending on the test requested, an additional requisition from a referral testing facility may also be necessary.

Requisitions and Ordering 

Requisitions may be:

  • Presented to the lab by the patient
  • Delivered with the collected specimen
  • Verbal orders may be taken by lab staff who will complete a paper requisition to keep a record on file. This results in delays in service so should be avoided if possible.
  • Faxed to the lab from the physician’s office. The laboratory will accept faxed requisitions for the following circumstances:
    • Standing orders:   Standing Order requisitions and renewals can be faxed.  Renewals must be submitted on a new lab requisition. All requests must indicate the frequency and duration of testing
    • Pre-appointment requests: Requisitions where the patient requires additional testing prior to their appointment are acceptable
    • Out of town patients: Ideally, patients are given a requisition during their appointment. The patient is not expected to travel for the sole purpose of obtaining a requisition. For virtual clinics, routine requisitions should be given to the patient during their appointment
    • Compromised patients:  For those patients that cannot be responsible for their requisition, the requisition may be faxed.

Note:  Interior Health Laboratory is committed to providing quality service to its customers. It is important to note that faxed requisitions are shown to create delays in service. Please fax only when required.

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