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Our uniqueness is in who we are and where we are. Our geographical location offers the choice of an active urban lifestyle or quiet rural setting. Whether you’re in clinical care, management, or in a supporting role, your impact will be felt. Your passion and motivation combined with our commitment to set new… standards of excellence makes Interior Health the right choice for you. We thrive as a direct result of state-of-the-art equipment, forwarding thinking and strong leadership. We are here for your whole life from career choices to family benefits to work/life balance. At Interior Health there is always room to grow.

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This page provides you with information that may help you prepare for an environmental health emergency before it happens. Learn about emergency kit preparation, hazardous materials, spring flooding, and more.  

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Our mission is to promote and maintain sustainable, respectful, responsive partnerships between Aboriginal peoples and Interior Health and ensure Aboriginal partners are involved in the planning and delivery of health services. Our commitment to Aboriginal health and wellness is strengthened through partnerships.

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Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health – you’re not alone. Learn how to access different support services and access helpful resources. Reach your local Mental Health Centre for community-based supports by calling 310-MHSU (6478)

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Substance Use

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use – you’re not alone. Learn how to access different support services and access helpful resources. Reach your local Substance Use Centre for community-based supports by calling 310-MHSU (6478)

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Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital emergency department nurses: Jane Carlton, Tamara Roscoe, Teresa Myers, and Emily Larochelle Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a treatable medical condition. And, yet, many people living with OUD don’t have a regular care provider who can help connect them to medication. For many, their first exposure to treatment is through an emergency department (ED). Which is why it’s so important that Interior Health has now made the opioid use disorder medication Suboxone available in its EDs. Suboxone is an Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) medication used to treat dependence on opioid drugs. 
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As you explore the great outdoors this spring and summer, there's a chance you'll encounter a bat. Bats can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.  In B.C., between four and eight per cent of bats that come into contact with people test positive for the rabies virus. In 2021, 132 people in the region were treated for potential exposure to rabies.  
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A mother goose who hatched three goslings outside the Royal Inland Hospital labour and delivery room window needed a lot of human help to make it safely to the South Thompson River in Kamloops Monday and she wasn’t afraid to take it.  The labour and delivery staff had been keeping close watch via a baby monitor at the nursing station leading up to this point. The goslings hatched Sunday morning and on Monday before noon, took a harrowing leap from the third-storey roof, two of them landing in a walled enclosure.  Labour and delivery room nurse Dara Johnson and RIH facility maintenance crew members herded the goslings into a box to lift them out, reunited them with their mother.  Mother and babies waddled up the RIH back exit, escorted by the maintenance and labour and delivery team members. They settled on a grassy bank, seemingly headed to a nearby creek.  Unfortunately, the family stayed on the bank until about 4:30 and then walked north to a busy Kamloops street. Mother goose pecked persistently at the glass door of a the ahhYaY Wellness  Café when passersby tried to stop her from going into traffic. The owner let her in and she took her babies into a glassed-in area and settled down.  Enter, Kamloops Community Services and Kamloops Fire and Rescue. Firefighter Carson Schreiner said, “This is a first, never had to respond to a goose before.” After some head scratching, a dog kennel was produced, mother goose walked into it with her babies. A blanket over the kennel settled her down.  The crew drove her nine blocks to the riverbank, opened the kennel and out mother walked with goslings in tow. She took them into river, stopped once to turn back and honk a thank you at her rescuers and away they swam.  City of Kamloops Community Services (left to right): Ryan Bingley, KFR Carson Schreiner, KFR Cpt Norm Little, KFR Erik Rasche. Back at the ahhYay Café, a full disinfecting took place, although the goose was amazingly tidy for a goose. Check out CFJC Today Kamloops' story
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Submitted by the Canadian Mental Health Association  You might have a thousand Facebook friends or followers on Instagram. Or maybe you have friends the “old-fashioned” way. In any case, we know that having a good community of friends is about the quality – and not the quantity – of our relationships. And communication is at the core. So, if we want to strengthen our relationships, practising the art of listening is an effective strategy.


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