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Our uniqueness is in who we are and where we are. Our geographical location offers the choice of an active urban lifestyle or a quiet rural setting. Whether you're in clinical care, management, or in a supporting role, your impact will be felt. Your passion and motivation combined with our commitment to set new standards and excellence make Interior Health the right choice for you. We thrive as a direct result of state-of-the-art equipment, forwarding thinking and strong leadership. We are here for your whole life from career choices to family benefits to work/life balance. At Interior Health there is always room to grow.

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Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

This page provides you with information that may help you prepare for an environmental health emergency before it happens. Learn about emergency kit preparation, hazardous materials, spring flooding, and more. 

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Our mission is to promote and maintain sustainable, respectful, responsive partnerships between Aboriginal peoples and Interior Health and ensure Aboriginal partners are involved in the planning and delivery of health services. Our commitment to Aboriginal health and wellness is strengthened through partnerships. 

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Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, you're not alone. Learn how to access different support services and helpful resources. Reach your local Medical Health Centre for community-based support by calling 310-MHSU (6478). 

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Substance Use

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, you're not alone. Learn how to access different support services and helpful resources. Reach your local Substance Use Centre for community-based support by calling 310-MHSU (6478). 

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Talking about suicide – starting the conversation, listening, providing support, and connecting people with help – can be difficult and even scary, but it’s important to help prevent suicide and end the stigma surrounding it.  If you’re worried about someone, don’t be afraid to tell them; talking about suicide doesn’t make them more likely to do it, and they may be relieved to have someone who cares to talk to.  If the individual tells you they have a plan to end their life, stay with them until you connect them with supports.
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Sometimes, travellers can bring back more than souvenirs and memories from their tropical vacation. Numerous tropical diseases can be acquired when travelling such as Malaria, Salmonella infection and rashes. Now, there’s an opportunity for Interior residents who are infected with a tropical disease to be treated closer to home as a new clinic opens in the Okanagan. The Kelowna Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Clinic, located in Kelowna General Hospital, will focus on the diagnosis and management of diseases in returned travellers (including those visiting families and friends abroad), refugees, asylum seekers, new immigrants, as well as overseas visitors and tourists. The location was previously known as the Kelowna Infectious Diseases Clinic and is expanding its service offerings to include tropical medicine. It’s important to note that any returning traveller with a fever must be first assessed in the emergency department in order to rule out such entities as Malaria, Dengue fever, or Typhoid fever. For all other concerns or diseases, a referral is required by your general practitioner or your family physician. “Fever in a returning traveler is considered serious and requires medical attention in the emergency department (ED). The ability to see clients with these infections, following assessment in our ED, will mitigate the client’s need to travel to Vancouver, as is currently required,” said Dr. Issa Ephtimios, who is heading up the delivery of tropical medicine with support from Dr. Boi Masake. Both physicians are certified in tropical medicine and have gained extensive education in this field. Learn more about tropical diseases Visit the Kelowna Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Clinic page Learn how to prevent tropical diseases through travel immunization
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Hot weather in the B.C. Interior is nothing new, and neither is flocking to the beach or water to cool off. Summer started early with scorching temperatures emerging in May. However, with the kids out of school and more families enjoying the sunshine, it’s time to revisit water safety to keep yourself and your children safe for remainder of summer. As part of Interior Health's series Safety First: An IH Guideline to Safe Sport, and with National Drowning Prevention Week running from July 16-22, there is no better time to break down how to keep safe around the water.  “According to the most recent B.C. Coroner’s Report, in 2022, there were 86 fatalities. Eighty-six people passed away unfortunately from drowning across the province,” noted IH’s Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Silvina Mema. “In the Interior Health region, that number was 31. So we accounted for more than a third of fatalities due to drowning in B.C.”
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At Interior Health, one of the most significant priorities is supporting Aboriginal Peoples.  For generations, many Aboriginal People have celebrated their culture and heritage on or around June 21. As we humbly work to strengthen our relationships with Aboriginal partners, we recognize and appreciate the heritage and diverse cultures of Aboriginal communities and people we serve, and we are striving to embed their wisdom, knowledge, and culture into how we deliver services to provide culturally safe care. It is a critical aspect of our vision of health and well-being for all. Every day, including June 21, we celebrate the Aboriginal People in our communities, and we are passionately committed to our journey of strengthening relationships, building trust and confidence with all Aboriginal partners.


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