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Access health info for infants, children & youth on topics like dental health, hearing health, immunization, mental health & substance use, and nutrition.

Virtual Career Fair
Come Live, Work, And Play

Our uniqueness is in who we are and where we are. Our geographical location offers the choice of an active urban lifestyle or a quiet rural setting. Whether you're in clinical care, management, or in a supporting role, your impact will be felt. Your passion and motivation combined with our commitment to set new standards and excellence make Interior Health the right choice for you. We thrive as a direct result of state-of-the-art equipment, forwarding thinking and strong leadership. We are here for your whole life from career choices to family benefits to work/life balance. At Interior Health there is always room to grow.

emergency prep
Emergency Preparedness
Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

This page provides you with information that may help you prepare for an environmental health emergency before it happens. Learn about emergency kit preparation, hazardous materials, spring flooding, and more. 

Aboriginal Health & Wellness
Aboriginal Partnerships

Our mission is to promote and maintain sustainable, respectful, responsive partnerships between Aboriginal peoples and Interior Health and ensure Aboriginal partners are involved in the planning and delivery of health services. Our commitment to Aboriginal health and wellness is strengthened through partnerships. 

Mental Health & Substance Use Banner
Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, you're not alone. Learn how to access different support services and helpful resources. Reach your local Medical Health Centre for community-based support by calling 310-MHSU (6478). 

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Substance Use

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, you're not alone. Learn how to access different support services and helpful resources. Reach your local Substance Use Centre for community-based support by calling 310-MHSU (6478). 

media centre
Visit Our Media Centre

Read our latest news releases, learn how to contact Media Relations and discover our media policy. 

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East Kootenay TIA Clinic (EKRH)
Postpartum Care
East Shore Community Health Centre

15985 Highway 3A
Crawford Bay BC V0B 1E0

250-227-9006(main switchboard)
West Kelowna Health Centre
Postpartum Care
Williams Lake Health Centre

540 Borland Street
Williams Lake BC V2G 1R8

250-302-5000(main switchboard)
Rutland Aurora Health Centre
Child and Youth Immunization Program
Rutland Health Centre

155 Gray Road
Kelowna BC V1X 1W6

250-980-4825(main switchboard)
Creston Community Dialysis Clinic
School Immunization
Creston Health Unit

312 - 15th Avenue North
Creston BC V0B 1G0

250-428-3873(main switchboard)
Cranbrook Health Centre
Asthma Education Program
Cranbrook Health Centre

20 - 23rd Avenue South
Cranbrook BC V1C 5V1

250-420-2200(main switchboard)
doyle location
Access Mental Health & Substance Use Services
Kelowna Mental Health & Substance Use

505 Doyle Avenue
Kelowna BC V1Y 0C5

250-469-7070(main switchboard)
Chase Health Centre
Breastfeeding Clinics & Support
Chase Health Centre

825 Thompson Avenue
Chase BC V0E 1M0

250-679-3312(main switchboard)
Summerland Health Centre
Breastfeeding Clinics & Support
Summerland Health Centre

12815 Atkinson Road
Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

250-404-8050(main switchboard)
Logan Lake Adult Day Centre
Prenatal Services
Lumby Health Unit

2135 Norris Avenue
Lumby BC V0E 2G0

250-547-9741(main switchboard)
Lillooet Hospital and Health Centre
Healthy From The Start
Lillooet Hospital & Health Centre

951 Murray Street
Lillooet BC V0K 1V0

250-256-4233(main switchboard)
North & Central Okanagan Lifeline Office
Immunization Services
Oliver Health Centre

930 Spillway Road
Oliver BC V0H 1T8

250-498-5080(main switchboard)
The Concorde
Immunization Services
Vernon Health Unit

1440 - 14th Avenue
Vernon BC V1B 2T1

250-549-5700(main switchboard)


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