Incident Reports
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A reportable incident is an event where a person in care has become ill or injured, has been seriously or adversely affected; or, has gone missing while under the care or supervision of the licensee. A detailed list of reportable incidents can be found in Schedule H of the Child Care Licensing Regulation.


Immediately notify Licensing Direct after a reportable incident occurrence. Section 55 of the Child Care Licensing Regulation set out requirements for notification of illness, injury and reportable incidents in licensed care facilities.

Complete the Child Care Incident Report Form.

What information should I include on my report?

Staff who were witness to, or were involved in the incident, complete the incident report so that details are reported first hand. The manager can review the report and provide any additional details and follow up actions prior to signing the report. If the facility manager completes the report, it is helpful to include the staff notes regarding the incident to ensure all relevant details and contributing factors are included.  The following information should be included on the Child Care Incident Report, to ensure that it provides the details needed for proper assessment.

  • Provide as much descriptive detail as possible (who, what, when, where, how, why).
  • Note the sequence of events that led to the incident and identify any factors that may have
  • Describe the strategies that were implemented to lessen the circumstances.
  • Describe the immediate response steps that were taken as well as the safety measures, corrective and
    preventative actions that were put into place as a result.
  • Note that persons that were notified.
  • Include the current status of the person who was adversely affected; and, if any changes were made to their plan of care.

How can incidents be reported?

Facilities can submit the completed Child Care Incident Report Form to Licensing Direct using one of the following methods:

Complete the form and submit by clicking on "submit by email" at the end of the form and choosing "send copy". 

Submit to Licensing Direct
   Phone: 1-877-980-5118 (8:30am - 4:30pm PST; weekdays excluding statutory holidays)
   Email: Contact us by email
   Fax: 250-868-7760
   Mail or visit: 505 Doyle Avenue, Kelowna BC, V1Y 0C5 or your local Health Protection Office

Keep a copy for your records. It is not necessary to submit the original version if you fax or email your report.  If you have any questions regarding reportable incidents, the best thing to do is to speak to Licensing Direct.

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