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Our remote access solution

What is IH Anywhere?

IH Anywhere is the new remote access solution for Interior Health. It will replace the other remote access tools currently in place (e.g., iConnect4, RAP) and allow physicians more reliable and secure access to the applications they need to care for patients (eg. Meditech, PACS).

Benefits of IH Anywhere

  • Ability to be used on many different platforms (e.g., Mac, Windows, iOS, Android).
  • Familiarity through look and feel of a regular Windows desktop.
  • All applications from both iConnect4 and the Remote Access portal will be available in IH Anywhere.  No need to go to both tools.
  • Improved security and protection of private information through the addition of two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification, one of which is typically a physical token, such as a card, and the other of which is typically something memorized, such as a security code. In other words, it’s a combination of something you have with something you know. 

For physicians using IH Anywhere, this security code will be a 6-digit changing code accessed from your smartphone, or alternative, via an Authenticator application. 

Downloads and setup guides



Mobile Devices

Authenticator downloads

Before you install Authenticator, you will need two-factor authentication setup. Please request by emailing your name and IH user ID (mnemonic) using the two-factor authentication eForm.





Instructions & FAQs



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