Laboratory Services
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Operating a high quality, sustainable, best practice laboratory

We strive to provide safe, convenient, respectful, and accessible laboratory outpatient service to our patients in addition to offering a test menu that meets the needs of the people we serve. 

What services are available?

Our services range from full clinical diagnostic and anatomic pathology services at our two tertiary care facilities to STAT or on-call lab service at some of our rural facilities. While not all samples can be tested on-site, the lab will arrange for testing to be completed at one of our other IH laboratory facilities, or in some cases sent to a referral centre for testing.

Some of our locations also offer ECG and Holter Monitor services through the Outpatient Laboratory. 

Is there a cost?

Most tests are covered by MSP. If your physician requests a test that is not covered by MSP, you will need to provide a secondary insurance, or arrange for payment at the time of service. Your lab staff will inform you if this is the case for your test.

How do I access this service?

Your physician or care provider will complete a laboratory requisition which you must bring with you to the Outpatient lab. Check Laboratory Outpatient services for locations, hours of operation, accessibility, and any other information specific to that facility. Lab Outpatient services are closed on weekends and statutory holidays except where specifically indicated.

How do I prepare for my visit to the lab (i.e., things to bring, fasting info, etc.)?

Where can I find more information about lab tests?

LabTestsOnline and the BC Health Guide are great resources for information on lab tests. Only your physician can help you understand your individual test results in relation to your complete health care picture.

Contact us

Patients should contact their physician directly for interpretation of any lab result or any medical inquiries related to their lab result.

If you are unhappy with the lab service you received, you are encouraged to speak with the person who provided the service, or to the manager of the area.  All patients and clients are encouraged to try and resolve any issues at the time and place care is received.

If you still feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, you can contact the IH Patient Care Quality Office directly for further action.


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