Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)
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Due to the changes in legislation for medical assistance in dying, an unusually high volume of calls and requests for information is being received at the MAiD Coordination Centre. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to respond as quickly as possible.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is a legal, end of life care option in which a MAiD Provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) helps a person, who is eligible, voluntarily and intentionally end their life. Since June 2016, MAiD has been legal in Canada and is governed under federal law. This law sets out the eligibility requirements and processes under which MAiD can be provided.

Seeking a medically assisted death is a deeply personal decision. You may choose to discuss your wishes with your loved ones, as well as anyone else who can support you. It is normal to have questions and it is important to know that not every person who requests MAiD will be eligible or, if found eligible, will decide to choose a medically assisted death. 

Whatever you decide, your health-care team is here to honour and respect your wishes. 

How can I learn more about Medical Assistance in Dying?

To learn more about MAiD, you can speak with the doctor or nurse practitioner who is most responsible for your care.  Doctors and nurse practitioners are not obligated to participate in the MAiD process. However, they must connect you with another health care provider who will support your request.  

In addition, you can ask any member of your health care team about medical assistance in dying.

If you have questions or difficulty accessing information or services related to MAiD, please contact Interior Health’s MAiD Coordination Centre: 

  • By phone: 250-469-7073 (within Kelowna area) or 1-844-469-7073 (toll-free from other areas)
  • By email: use our online form​

MAiD Pamphlet for Individuals and Families

A brief overview of the eligibility criteria and how to start a request for medical assistance in dying. 

A Shared Journey: A resource for individuals, families and loved ones about medical assistance in dying 

This comprehensive resource provides more detailed information of eligibility criteria and required assessments, how to start a request, if a loved one has requested MAiD, what to expect throughout the process, and grief and bereavement resources. 

View or download a copy of MAiD pamphlet for individuals and families

View or download a copy of A Shared Journey: A Resource for Individuals, Families and Loved Ones about Medical Assistance in Dying


Request for Medical Assistance in Dying form (HLTH 1632) 

To start the process, the Request for Medical Assistance in Dying form (HLTH1632) must be completed (click on form name to open and print). Please refer to the Instructions for Completion guide for information on how to complete the request form.

Once completed, submit the request form directly to the MAID Coordination Centre via:

  • Fax: 250 469 7066 
  • Mail or in-person drop off to:
    MAiD Coordination Centre 
    c/o Kelowna Health Services Centre 
    505 Doyle Ave Kelowna, BC V1Y 0C5 

If you need help finding, completing or submitting the form, you can ask a member of your health care team or go to any Interior Health facility for assistance. Interior Health recognizes the sensitivity of your personal health information and endeavours to protect your privacy. Please see Caring for Your Information. ​

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