In an Emergency
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Being prepared in an emergency

In life-threatening situations, emergency services are vital. Use good judgment in deciding when to use emergency health services. Whenever you feel you can apply home treatment safely and wait to see your regular doctor, do so. If you believe your situation requires urgent care, go to the emergency department.

When you come to emergency

  • An emergency room triage nurse will see you when you arrive.
  • You may have to wait while the sickest patients are attended to first. We follow national triage standards to assess patient symptoms by priority.
  • Have your BC Health Care card handy and bring a list of your current medications.
  • Emergency room employees are committed to providing the best quality health care they can. We ask for your patience while we wait for test results, interpretations, consultations, and other information to help us diagnose and care for you.
  • For those patients who require admission to hospital, our goal is to make your wait for a hospital bed as short as we can.

Hours of service

Many of our hospital sites provide 24-hour emergency services, however operating hours may vary in rural communities. You are encouraged to call the site directly to verify hours of operation for emergency services.


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